Christopher Quinn Named One of America’s Most Honored Lawyers in 2021

The American Registry named attorney Christopher Quinn as a 2021 Most Honored Lawyer.

The American Registry named attorney Christopher Quinn as a 2021 Most Honored Lawyer, ranking in the top 1% of all lawyers throughout America. Christopher Quinn established the Quinn IP Law firm in order to provide clients with top-quality, specialized intellectual property law support, guidance, and representation. Chris’ holistic approach to IP law assists clients in strategically managing and capitalizing on their IP assets. From automotive to consumer goods to robotics and everything in between, Quinn IP Law offers the specialties and resources needed for a wide array of clients.

Chris’ history supporting and representing numerous Fortune 100 companies, as well as his most recent venture – lecturing on IP law at the University of Michigan (where he received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering) – have helped him develop his unique approach to law. It’s this well-rounded understanding of both IP law and the industries he works alongside that have helped him achieve this prestigious ranking in the Top 1% of U.S. lawyers. To learn more about Chris’ diverse professional background, read his biography.

The American Registry is a recognition platform that partners with numerous companies and awards organizations to keep track of awards accumulated by individuals in a wide variety of industries. In addition to these awards, The American Registry keeps track of business excellence by monitoring customer reviews, peer reviews, and contextualized industry analysis in order to determine the best of the best workers in the field.   

Christopher Quinn’s rank was determined after combining ratings and awards from peer organizations, clients, judicial groups, and more. At Quinn IP Law, we’re proud of our history and our diverse practice areas, which allow us support innovators – from businesses large and small to entrepreneurs who are pushing the market forward. Without the strong leadership and foresight of Christopher Quinn, Quinn IP Law would not have been able to grow to what it is today. Congratulations Chris Quinn on this monumental recognition!