Why Quinn IP Law?

What differentiates Quinn IP Law from other law firms?

A singular focus on quality, not billable hours.

We take great pride in our work product. Unlike other firms, every project is subject to 3 additional levels of review: shareholder review, proofreader review, and automated software review. Our reputation for quality comes from delivering strategic, cost-effective solutions for our clients – time and again. This defines who we are.

Quinn IP Law Top Firms in TC 3600/3700
Quinn IP Law ranked #5 in Juristat’s 2017 Top 20 U.S. Patent Firms

Our clients are partners, collaborators, and friends, not accounts.

We have partnered with and represented some of the most prolific innovators in many industries. From artificial intelligence to medical devices to Mars vehicles, our passion for paradigm-shifting technology spurs our attorneys to add value to our clients’ innovation via insightful intellectual property strategies. We speak our clients’ technical language and share their enthusiasm for operating at the leading edge of positive change-making technologies. We take great satisfaction from the successes of our clients, and the lasting friendships resulting from our collaboration.

We understand the pressures faced by in-house counsel, and we offer solutions.

We work with clients to provide strategically targeted, economical patent strategies, including alternative flat-fee arrangements, helping clients adhere to budgetary demands. We have developed a system offering these financial benefits while providing exceptional quality and service. This is why we are trusted with the most important technologies of some of the world’s most prolific and innovative companies, government entities and universities.