We offer expedited, focused results at significant savings.

Quinn IP Law prides itself on crafting innovative and scalable trademark solutions to support our clients’ branding initiatives and international business objectives. Our partnerships with specialized trademark service vendors allow us to utilize technology and legal acumen to protect and maximize the value of our clients’ trademark portfolio at significant savings from other trademark law firms.

We utilize our technical expertise to craft protectable trademark assets.

Most of our trademark attorneys are registered patent attorneys and leverage this technical background to creatively protect our clients’ intellectual property interests. We develop creative trademark strategies by utilizing our technical and legal know-how to broadly or narrowly define a mark and describe the relevant goods or services. We also utilize our technical abilities to protect client rights through a blend of non-traditional trademarks, such as product design and product configuration, trade dress, and design patent protection.

Clearance and Registration

Our collaborative relationships ensure we are a valued extension of our clients’ marketing teams.

Our clients turn to us for expedited answers to all forms of marketing and branding challenges. We work closely with clients to assess the availability of branding initiatives and develop international procurement and prosecution strategies that achieve budget and marketing objectives for emerging businesses as well as Fortune 500 corporations.


Putting global expertise to policing and protecting our clients’ valuable intellectual property.

Quinn IP Law has extensive domestic and international experience enforcing our clients’ trademark rights against those who infringe and engage in unfair competition. Our team manages disputes, including drafting and responding to cease-and-desist letters, prosecution and defense of opposition, and cancellation proceedings in front of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).

We also represent clients in the enforcement of trademark rights in cyberspace, including filing domain name dispute and cybersquatting actions, misuse of trademarks in Internet keyword advertising and advising clients on the use of brands in social media, including enforcement and takedown notices to Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

Our trademark team collaborates with and supports some of the most prominent law firms in the country to litigate federal and state trademark, anti-counterfeiting and unfair competition lawsuits. We also support litigation relating to nominative fair use, use of surnames, reverse confusion, and protectability of trade dress. Finally, we coordinate with our litigation partners and clients to protect against the importation of counterfeiting and gray market goods through injunctive relief, ex parte seizures, temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions.

Global Portfolio Management

We are a “go-to” firm for large international companies and growing businesses.

Quinn IP Law has a talented and experienced team of attorneys and paralegals covering a wide spectrum of trademark responsibilities and works closely with an established network of foreign associates to provide a full range of international trademark services.

The trademark team has extensive experience in negotiating, structuring and drafting trademark licenses, both as a settlement tool and to assist clients in managing brand identity and obtaining the maximum value for authorized uses of their marks.

Quinn IP Law partners with IP Watch to deliver cutting edge legal services.

In addition to our intellectual property service offerings, Quinn IP Law utilizes IP Watch LLC’s suite of specialized intellectual property legal research and asset management software tools to provide expedited trademark search results with summary opinions at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal service providers. We use standard trademark searching tools with significantly improved and concise results to reduce the effect of human error on the search process.