IP Transactions

Our expert knowledge of process drives increased profitability.

We understand the importance IP transactions can play in helping a company capture market share, increase profitability, and broaden product offerings. Whether working with large corporations or small startups, managing joint venture agreements or mergers and acquisitions, our strategic focus is on achieving larger-scale business goals. Across industries and disciplines, our attorneys have served as program managers, engineers, and in-house counsel, giving us an insider’s perspective on the goals and objectives driving each transaction.

We are skilled negotiators as an extension of our clients and in the protection of their assets.

Quinn plays an integral role on both sides of the due diligence process for joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and licensing agreements. We are practiced and proficient at positioning clients to reach the most beneficial deal possible through effective negotiation and identification of potential risks and issues with the transaction. Due diligence is essential to making an informed business investment, whether you’re growing a company through an acquisition or expanding your marketing presence via a licensing agreement.

Our strategic agreements maximize value for our clients.

We know how to structure agreements effectively to promote successful partnerships, both in the short term and throughout the life of your company. We are adept at advocating for our clients in the midst of a negotiation while protecting and nurturing the business relationships that they depend on. From IP purchases to cooperation agreements, whether a new venture or well-established organization, we ensure that each transaction is both fair and favorable to our client and advances larger-scale business goals.

Quinn provides a full-range of IP transaction services, including:

  • International IP transactions
  • Due diligence research and risk assessments
  • Joint ventures, licensing, mergers and acquisitions

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