We provide novel strategies for protecting and enforcing clients’ creative works.

Our IP attorneys are proficient in implementing copyright protection and enforcing copyright law for original works across industries. We understand the importance of a solid copyright strategy, especially in high-growth sectors such as semiconductor electronics, software, and medical device technology.

Our legal approach limits risk while maximizing the value of copyright protection.

Today’s global workforce escalates the use of independent contractors and outsourced employees to produce original work; sharing documents and content is easier than ever. Quinn provides comprehensive guidance on identifying, using, and disseminating copyrighted works to minimize the risks to your organization.

Copyright Selection and Registration

Our focus on detail ensures comprehensive protections.
Quinn assists U.S. and international clients in identifying, protecting, registering, and managing copyrights and monitoring their use. We have obtained copyright protection both domestically and internationally for works including logos, websites, software, artwork, and other materials.

Clearance and Enforcement

Our copyright attorneys deliver results that support our clients’ business and marketing strategies.
We help clients navigate the process of obtaining copyrights for their own works, including determining and documenting creation, originality, and ownership. Additionally, we ensure clients are aware of copyright clearance and fair use issues that may impact their businesses as they develop and market new products or services.

Whether we are negotiating licenses, agreements, releases, and waivers for both publishing or distributing their own works, or using the copyrighted materials of others, or monitoring the industry and marketplace to identify and resolve any infringement upon clients’ work, our team utilizes proprietary legal technology to deliver expedited and cost effective results.