Client satisfaction drives our purpose.

Our work product is our signature, representing both the excellence of our clients’ inventions and the skill of our IP attorneys. We ensure our clients’ satisfaction by delivering the highest quality work product in compliance with the strictest of budgets.

Patent Procurement, Prosecution, and Maintenance

We understand the importance of strategically targeted, economical patent portfolio solutions.

Our attorneys engage with inventors, corporate counsel, and other stakeholders to ensure that the patent portfolio strategy is congruent with our clients’ business objectives. At Quinn IP Law, we cooperate with clients to provide “in-house” legal support, focusing on quality, communication, and compliance with business and budget objectives. We strive to develop a comprehensive understanding of your business so we can advise you on legal strategies from an insider’s perspective. We work closely with our clients to support and add value to the innovative process from the invention disclosure stage through the patent prosecution process.


Our unique collaborative approach with general practice litigators ensures our clients receive the best technical and legal advocacy.

Unlike many intellectual property law firms, we collaborate with top general practice litigators to provide technical and legal support and expertise in all areas of intellectual property litigation. We work closely with either our clients’ existing law firms or with some of the country’s best litigation firms to deliver expert technical analysis and world-class trial advocacy. Most importantly, we seamlessly integrate with our litigation partners to ensure we function as a unified solutions provider while mitigating double billing issues with cost-effective case management procedures.

Global Portfolio Management

We partner with clients to understand their vision and implement strategies to build world-class patent portfolios.

Our passion for collaborating and innovating with our clients extends to all areas of intellectual property strategy and portfolio management. We strive to understand our client’s technical and business visions to develop international patent portfolios that protect and leverage the value of the client’s intellectual property assets while protecting products and technologies.

Quinn IP Law’s reputation for quality has earned us the business of many large U.S. and international companies. We have substantial experience working with a worldwide network of foreign associate partners to provide unified, cost-efficient patent procurement and prosecution counsel for our clients. Our familiarity with foreign patent standards and procedures and relationships with some of the most renowned foreign law firms ensures that our clients receive the most comprehensive worldwide legal services.

Technical Design and Consulting

We have the technical “roster” and industry experience to manage any client needs.

Our team is composed of engineers and scientists with diverse and substantial experience in many technical industries. Our technical abilities and focused, one-on-one interaction with our clients’ technical teams ensures we have detailed product knowledge necessary to assess patentability, prepare and prosecute patents, or provide design-around consultation. We specialize in all forms of intellectual property law: patent law, trademark law, copyright law, and more.

We prosecute patents and develop portfolio strategies for clients in a wide range of industries–automotive, aerospace, sports equipment, consumer products, medical device, chemical and chemical process, telecommunications, electrical and computer technology, artificial intelligence, mechanical, materials and manufacturing and robotics industries, along with many other industries.