Tapco Benefits from Quinn IP Law’s Passion for Innovation and Use of Revolutionary IPWatch Technology

March 15, 2017

As a purveyor of high-quality light building products under eleven distinct product brands, Tapco International delivers technically advanced commercial and residential solutions to consumers. Tapco requires specialized, tailored intellectual property collaboration and support to maintain its place as a leader in the competitive building products market. As part of engaging with Quinn IP Law, Tapco’s goals were to reduce the significant fees and costs generated by legal service providers that had a reactionary approach and significantly underutilized Tapco’s best resources, its employees’ internal know-how and exemplary ingenuity.

How Quinn IP Law Helped Tapco

Quinn IP Law’s relationship with Tapco started with a client-centric plan for the procurement, management, and enforcement of Tapco’s intellectual property assets. This client-centric plan focuses on engaging client leadership as an essential part of maximizing the potential benefits of a client’s intellectual property portfolio to increase revenues and sales opportunities while reducing legal service expenditures.

For a complex organization like Tapco, flexibility is vital to lowering legal costs while expanding visibility into processes like trademark applications. Increasing the client’s exposure to intellectual property processes also provides insight into how such property can be used to advance business goals. Becky Duffy, Marketing and Communications Manager at Tapco, appreciates how Quinn IP Law implements legal and technical skill with technology to deliver results:

“Quinn IP Law’s legal team and its technology offerings have revolutionized the way we transact business and develop our future business strategies. We are far nimbler in our research and development efforts and aggressive in protecting brand and product names.”

Since partnering with Quinn IP Law, Tapco has cut legal service expenditures and identified new opportunities to capture additional market share with new intellectual property assets. In a twelve-month period, Dave Ulmer President & Chief Executive Officer of Tapco, believes:

“Quinn IP Law helped Tapco reduce legal costs by almost a third while increasing our procurement of valuable intellectual property assets and ensuring our position as innovators in our industry.”

Here are two ways Quinn IP Law’s innovative approaches delivered results for Tapco:


1. Better and Faster Results Using IPWatch Systems Corporation Cutting Edge Technology

Tapco selected Quinn IP Law based on the firm’s reputation for delivering better, faster, less expensive legal services and business solutions for clients. “From the start, Quinn IP Law offered us a proactive and business-oriented management approach, an approach that we sought to transform Tapco’s intellectual property into assets. says Dave Ulmer.

Quinn IP Law’s innovative approach for Tapco employed technology to streamline the process of procuring and managing patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights. Quinn IP Law partners with IPWatch Systems Corporation to utilize the IPWatch intellectual property and brand management platform of solutions that provides comprehensive searching, monitoring, and policing software to provide the highest quality data and accuracy, expedited and concise results, typically within seconds to minutes, and opinions at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal service providers while reducing the human error in searching and docketing.

Dillard Murphy, Chief Technology Officer of IPWatch, Inc. explains the benefits to Tapco’s management teams:

“IPWatch’s proprietary software allows clients like Tapco to not only maintain control over their own portfolios by enabling them to research trademarks and other intellectual property rights independently prior to working their legal teams, but also proactively identify competitor trends to ensure Tapco’s innovative edge.”

The IPWatch technology dramatically reduces the potential for human error typically associated with conventional trademark search tools and decreases the amount of time dedicated to the searching. With IPWatch, Tapco’s sales and marketing teams run real-time trademark searches with preliminary availability results on potential brand names during brainstorming sessions and complete an initial review prior to expending valuable budgetary resources on formal legal search reviews and opinion performed by outside counsel.

2. Delivering Cost Effective Results through Innovation and Collaboration

Collaboration between Tapco’s business leaders and Quinn IP Law was vital to the formation of an intellectual property portfolio that created a competitive market advantage. Quinn IP Law involved Tapco’s leaders from the start to identify how Tapco’s resources were spent and whether the portfolio properly carved out market protection. Quinn IP Law attorneys also conducted a comprehensive legal and technical audit to identify gaps and opportunities in the existing portfolio to devise holistic and market-focused strategies that achieve results.

In turn, engaging Tapco’s leadership early in the evaluation process helped Quinn IP Law and Tapco’s decision makers determine which intellectual property assets to continue to cultivate and maintain and which assets to cull. Altogether, Quinn IP Law’s approach empowers client leadership to maintain best practices by continually educating them on the legal and intellectual property components of its business and marketing strategies.

Why Quinn IP Law

Quinn IP Law has a sole focus on quality. This focus is designed to deliver exceptional work quality and service rather than profit optimization as a “billable hours” practice. Collaboration with in-house counsel and leadership to provide strategically targeted, economical intellectual property solutions, including alternative flat-fee arrangements, further ensures quality remains the sole focus and deliverable.

Quinn IP Law’s talented attorneys, collaborative approach, and innovative use of technology provides the resources and insight needed to develop plans and methods tailored to each client’s specific needs. This focus, coupled with Quinn IP Law’s unwavering dedication to quality, has proven to be a winning combination for our clients with even the most complex intellectual property portfolios.

Quinn IP Law could not accomplish these improvements without our partners at IPWatch Systems Corporation and the help of our partners at Tapco. Quinn IP Law seeks to further such collaborations with prospective clients.

For more information about this partnership, or to pursue a similar partnership with Quinn IP Law, please contact attorneys Matt Mowers or Staci DeRegnaucourt.

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